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More on Testing

I began offering Autism and ADHD testing to individuals because I was seeing clients who were waiting many months to get the answers they so badly needed for their peace of mind. I was also meeting with clients who had lived many years of their lives misdiagnosed with personality disorders, bipolar, and ADHD. New awareness regarding the presentation of Autism and ADHD, specifically in adults, has led people to explore other options in regard to their symptoms, and how to cope with them.  


My testing process takes all of this into account, and in addition to testing specifically for Autism, I also work to rule out other disorders with similar presentation that can cause confusion and misdaignosis. All in all, you take about 11 different types of assessments during this testing process.  

I am specially trained and qualified to administer the MIGDAS-2, a widely recognized and accepted assessment for Autism. I have also attended additional training in order to administer this assessment via telehealth, to serve people who may be located more rurally in Idaho. 

Please contact me if you have any questions!

If you interested in more information regarding testing, or if you have questions, please email me at, or you can call 208.957.9517

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